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Ickle Ockle…Fishy Rhythms

I love doing things with Fish in my classroom.  I know it’s a little strange but they can be used in lots of different songs and they are a year-round character.  I don’t have to wait till Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Spring to use Fish!  I have a couple different lessons and ideas using Fish, this one uses the song Ickle Ockle.  
I also have a lesson idea using the Rainbow Fish book that you can check out here: Rainbow Fish

Ickle Ockle is a simple melody song that you can use to teach La or even Mi Re Do depending on how you sing it.  I prefer the MRD version and I use it in my introduction to MRD lessons. 

I have 2 different lesson ideas using this song:

Version 1:
For this version I have the students stand in a circle.  They sing the song while one student walks around the outside of the circle tapping heads (just like duck, duck, goose). Students standing in the circle can pat the steady beat while singing. At the end of the song whichever student is tapped goes into the middle of the circle and pick a Fish to read the rhythm of.  I have rhythms on my fish but they could be made with melody patterns as well depending on what you were practicing at the time.  Once they read the pattern they “throw the fish back into the sea” and they get to be the person tapping the other students.  This lends itself to various quick assessments; patting the steady beat, reading rhythms/melody patterns, singing voices.

Version 2:
For this version each student gets a Fish with a pattern on it.  Student then scatter around the room placing their Fish on the floor.  While singing the song students “swim” through the “ocean” to find a fish.  At the end of the song students find a fish to read the pattern of.  Then they sing again and move on to a new fish.  Again, this is a great little assessment.  I like to have students to solos of their rhythm patterns periodically so that I can assess their reading skills.

I have fish made up using basic rhythms and half notes.  I will be making more using sixteenth notes and maybe even syncopa in the future.  You can find my fish and my complete lesson plan on my TPT site:

Rhythm Fish Manipulatives & Game Ideas – FREE!
Ickle Ockle Lesson Plan w/ Manipulatives


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