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Dances for Those Long Winter Days

When students begin to get wiggly and have tons of extra energy leading up to Winter break, I bust out some of my favorite Holiday and Winter themed dances.  I have found these dances on Youtube and Pinterest, but written down the dance moves for you to enjoy as well.  Have fun!

Jingle Bell Dance:

During the verses students walk around the square/circle with their partner.

On the chorus students do the following:

  • Jingle Bells – clap 3 times

  • Jingle Bells – belly pat 3 times

  • Jingle all the way – stomp rhythm of words

  • Oh what fun…. – switch places with partner

  • When words repeat, repeat above motions

Repeat dance over and over until the end of the song.

Ho Ho Ho:

        To the tune of Bow Wow Wow:

          Ho Ho Ho

           Look at Santa Go

           Bringing toys for boys and girls

           Ho Ho Ho

1 Giant Circle with partners next to each other, facing each other

HoHoHo – make Santa belly

Look at Santa – look around

Bringing Toys- hold hands and switch spots

HoHoHo – Santa belly

Then jump and turn completely around to face new partner

Nutcracker (Trepak, Russian Dance):

     This works great with a parachute or giant stretchy band

 A: up and down with the music, shake in between. Repeat

B: Walk around Right 16 counts then Left 16 counts, shake remaining time

A: Repeat

B Repeat, then for the end a big lift up and if desired, get underneath parachute and sit down.

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