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Formative Assessments & Exit Slips

I have tried to do different exit slips over the past few years.  They are a great tool to use as well as a great thing for principals and observers to see.  Over the past few years I tried post-it notes, small pieces of paper, thumbs up/down; all to no avail.  It was either too much or too little and never seemed to help.  This year I am trying something different, again, and I already like it a lot better.  I do not to exit slips every day with every grade, but I am trying to do them 1-2 times per major concept we cover.  

I bought a over the door shoe hanger to use for my organization of the assessments.  Each pocket has a number that corresponds to the students cubby numbers in their classrooms.  Each pocket is equipped with a pencil and ring of index cards.  When I ask a question students must write their answer on the card along with their name.  

The organization of the pocket chart has really helped to keep me on top of the formative assessments.

Most of the time we are only doing 1 or 2 questions per day.  Students answer the question and then rip or take that card off their ring and hand it to me.  I can quickly grade it if I want so get a general idea on how the students are grasping a concept.  I have done some multiple day questions in the past as well.

Here are some examples of the type of questions I ask of my students:

Draw a Ta

Draw a Rest

Draw a Ta-di

Write a 4 beat rhythm

How many beats are in a half note?

What are the melody notes that you know?

What is the fancy music word for 5 notes?

How many notes in a Pentatonic?

Name the 4 families of the Orchestra.

Name 5 different instruments that you know.

What does a crescendo do?

What does Forte mean?

What does Mezzo Piano mean?

The list could go on and on….

When I have done multiple day questions we are basically just adding things onto our cards.  For example; in 2nd grade we started with the first day writing a 4 beat rhythm.  We saved the cards on the rings for the next class.  Then we added some melody notes (Do Re or Mi) to our rhythms.  Then on the 3rd day students took their melodies and tried to play them on the barred instruments.

Hope this can help you with your assessments and exit slips!  Enjoy!

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