Teacher Ideas

Music Around the World

I love to use songs, games, and activities from cultures all over the world.  I try to help my students learn as much as I can about the world outside of their school district and state.  When we learn a song or game from another country we use the Music Around the World board to learn more about that country.

Either after or before learning a song from another country I have students come sit up by the board.  We place a small post-it note by or on the country where the song is from.  I try and give the students a little history about the piece, or some cool facts about the country itself.  Each time we go back to that song over the course of the next few classes we remember what we learned about that song or country.

Besides songs I will also post on the map where composers are from.  When singing, listening, or moving to a song by a famous composer I will recognize what country they are from and put their name on the map as well.  I use composers in my “Music of the Month” category so we can also do a whole month using music from one composer.  

This bulletin board was super simple to make ( I bought my map off Amazon, already laminated so it was easy to use).  Then all I needed was post it notes and a pen.  

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