Rhythm Rainbow Fish

It’s Right to Read Week here at Elda Elementary, as well as many other schools across the country.  A great time to celebrate all the benefits reading can have on our lives.  In music we do tons of reading; not only reading lyrics to songs, but learning how to read music and transfer that to playing music.  In honor of RtR Week the 2nd grade music students read and then created their own Rainbow Fish, inspired by the book, The Rainbow Fish.  Here is how we used it in my music room:

Rhythm Rainbow Fish:

In 2nd grade we have been working on writing rhythms in different meters.  We have learned about 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 meter.  We had been working on meters, rhythms, and songs in the different meters for a few classes so this was towards the end of the “unit”. As a precursor to a rhythm writing assessment I wanted the students to be able to show how to write rhythms in the different meters.

We started by just reading the book on day at the end of class.  The next class came the bulk of the lesson.  I had traced a picture of the rainbow fish onto bulletin board paper.  I also had copied scales onto colored paper.  Each student got 3 colored pieces of paper, one for each of the meters we had been working on.  Students created their own rhythms in the scales for the different meters.  Then they had to cut out the scales and I glued them on the fish.  Some students stayed in during their recess to finish coloring the picture.

The final product looked great, my principal even tweeted out a picture of it!  Students loved creating the fish and it was a great and easy tie-in to a book.

Check out my free lesson plan for the whole thing here:  Rhythm Rainbow Fish Lesson

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