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Sea of Songs

I know concert planning can be a struggle.  I use to always dread it, thinking about all the curriculum time I was giving up.  I know that I was covering important topics and some curriculum, but not in the way I did the rest of the year.  Then a couple years ago I began to create my own concerts and plan them according to what the students would be studying at that time.  It does take more time to prepare on my part but at the same time I can use these songs like normal lessons and then just fit them together in program form.

A lot of time I use many songs that I would normally use in my classroom and then create a theme around them.  I have done many concerts on books and nursery rhymes in 1st grade.  2nd grade is always during the winter months so that can help to plan their concert.  3rd grade falls during the fall season and I like to use my songs about pumpkins and apples for them.  I have my 4th grade concert at the end of the school year and just pick some of their favorite things from throughout the year.

My 1st grade concert this year all began with one of their current favorite songs, Merrily We Roll Along.  I thought about what other “sea” inspired songs I could add to the concert.  Immediately coming up with Ickle Ockle Blue Bottle and My Blue Ship (a simple english poem great for beginning rhythms).  But then I got stuck.  So I turned to my favorite inspiration my Orff-Schulwerk materials.  Especially for younger students I like to use the Erstes Spiel and Rhythmisch Ubung supplementals.

I took some time to create lyrics and process for 3 new pieces for this concert.  It did take some time, but this way I not only have cute songs and lessons for my concert; I could always use these lessons in the future even when I’m not prepping them for a performance.

I have bundled all of my upcoming concert together on my Teachers Pay Teachers site, if you are interested in purchasing it for your classroom or performance.

Sea of Song

Here is a basic look at what Sea of Song has in it:

Ocean Fish: A fishy fun unit or performance piece for younger students. This song uses the melody from the Orff-Schulwerk supplemental Erstes Spiel. It is melody #33. Utilize this unit to teach about 4 different kinds of fish. Learn about Clownfish, Blue Tangs, Angelfish, and Pufferfish. Students will learn facts about each type of fish. There are also beginning rhythm chants to accompany each type of fish. These chants utilize main ideas about each fish.

Sea Turtles: An easy Do Re Mi song for younger students. This song uses the melody from the Orff-Schulwerk supplemental Erstes Spiel. It is melody #45.   A great lesson to teach or reinforce Do Re Mi. Students learn the melody through body percussion for easy transfer to solfege and barred instrument playing. Once solfege is mastered students add lyrics. Adding movement to the lyrics can help students to show glide/skate/float in the music classroom. You can also transfer the melody to the barred instruments and add other accompaniment parts.

Ickle Ockle: This song is perfect for teaching La and Rest. This song is great for practicing steady beat, rhythm, so/mi, and presenting la and rest.



Sea Creatures: Fun and informative rhythm rondo for elementary music classrooms.  This song uses rhythms from the Orff-Schulwerk supplemental Rhythmische Ubung. It uses patting rhythms #2, 11, 12, 13, and 14.   Three pages of lesson plans help your students to discover different sea creatures. For each section of the Rondo you can teach the students the lyrics and patting technique. You may also choose to decode the rhythms of the piece as a class.  This is a great piece for a performance. Have different classes perform the different sea creatures for a fun inclusive piece!
My Blue Ship:
 A Traditional English poem used to practice beginning rhythms. Studentswill learn lyrics and work to discover the rhythm of the poem.  Students can also use rhythmic building block manipulatives to create their own rhythm patterns. Then you can use these rhythm compositions for different sections in a Rondo form.

Merrily We Roll Along: This classic children’s song to practice beginning music concepts. In this lesson pack students can:

– Learn song with lyrics

– Add movement to the song

– Practice echoing, reading, and writing rhythms using quarter note, eighth note, and rest.

– Read solfege on the staff

– Add various un-pitched percussion parts.

– Play piece on the recorder

– Improvise or read various melodic patterns on the recorder.
This pack includes:

– Powerpoints in both F and G Pentatonic.

– 3 Pages of Lesson plans

– Student worksheet to write melody

– Student manipulatives to read rhythms

– 10 Pages of student manipulatives to practice Recorder

Ickle Ockle Rhythm Fish:  Rhythm fish manipulatives & games that can be used with the prior song

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