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Snowball Fight

Here in Ohio there is soo much talk about the upcoming winter storm and how much snow we are supposed to get.  We have had weather models show anywhere from 1-30 inches of snow!!!!  We’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us in the next couple days.

It is fitting that we are getting some snow, considering I have been doing my Snowball Fight lesson with my first graders in the past couple days.  They always love this lesson, mainly because they get to throw wads of paper across the room, but I do believe they like the rest of the lesson also.  Here is a basic idea of my lesson, the entire thing pus visuals can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

I love this lesson because there are “snow” many great concepts to cover and it works as a great review after winter break.  We begin with some movement and form identification:

Movement – Waltz in A flat, Johannes Brahms

The form of the piece is AABABA.  For the A sections students will ice skate around the room (you can use paper plates under their shoes to help facilitate this).  For the B sections students pack a snowball tight and then on the final phrase of the B section throw their snowball in the air.
We continue with the “snowballs” when we learn the song:


Teach the song by rote using sol and mi.  Then teach words to song.

Once song has been learned, then students can play the vocal exploration game.  While singing the song, students find a “snowball” (crumpled up paper) and take it to the “snow fort” (one side of the room).  Then once the song is over, one student at a time (going down the line) will toss their snowball to the other side of the room.  While their snowball is flying they have to track it with their voice.  Repeat as many times as desired.

From there we work on rhythm and solfege identification on the board. I also have the students practice keeping the steady beat on the barred instruments.

Feel free to use the piece of the lesson I gave you and if you would like more ideas for this lesson make sure to check it out in my TPT store: Snowball Fight


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