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Apple Tree…Fun for Me

Apple Tree, Apple Tree is one of my favorite classics to do in the fall.  I have created 5-6 lessons just using this song.  I use this in 3 grade levels, spiraling the curriculum as I progress. If you aren’t familiar with Apple Tree here is the text:

In first grade and beyond we just start with the game.  For the game we sing the song, walking to the steady beat in a circle.  One person stands inside the circle holding a bean bag (apple) and then at the end of the song they drop it.  If it hits a person they then become an apple tree and join in the center of the circle.  The 1st graders love it and it is an awesome way to bring the song back into the minds of the 2nd and 3rd graders.

Most of the curriculum content learning from this song happens in 2nd grade.  I go through the following steps with my students:

1. Review rhythm of the piece

2. Learn Solfege (reviewing along the way) either by rote or reading

3. Observe solfege on staff, or figure out the placements of the notes in solfege

4.  Add “B” section of reading Apple rhythms, including half note.

5.  Add ostinato to the A section.  Splitting class in half, half do melody, half do ostinato

6.  Teach and perform the Orff Ensemble Orchestration.

I can use as little or as much as I like.  I sometimes save the Ensemble Orchestration for 3rd grade, so I can challenge the students to figure out and play the melody on their own.  A more detailed description of this and all the materials needed can be found on my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Apple Tree

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