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Mallets & Music : I Can Statements

There are never enough hours in the day, and there are especially never enough minutes in a music class it seems.  Over the past few years it has seemed that the minutes of “music making” keep decreasing due to the various other educational things I have been asked to keep up with.  We now have to state our “I Can” statements before and after class, keep data records on formative assessments we give, try and have students do exit slips, give and record summative assessments, and also try and teach a meaningful musical lesson all in 40 minutes.  Needless to say not all of these things get done everyday.

One of the things that I have been trying to be the most diligent about is the “I Can” statements.  I have worked with these to make them more kid friendly.  I do not go over them all the time before we start the lesson, but I do get to them 95% of the time at the end of the lesson.  Sometimes we are just too engrained in the music making that time runs out and the next class is already waiting.

The past few years I have used a white board near my door to write out the topics covered.  I had a section marked off for each grade level and I would have the students help me discover what music topics we talked about that day.  The only problem became that it took more time for me to write them all down then we had at the end of class.  To solve this problem I gave myself some homework over Christmas break.


I have created I Can statement cards for K-5; based on the Ohio music standards, but also relate to the national standards. There are both colorful and black and white versions.  I printed mine out and laminated them.  Then I stuck velcro circles on the back of each one.  I also have velcro stuck to some magnets on my board. This way I can change them in and out really fast.  You could also just stick some magnets on the back of each circle and skip the velcro all together.

My set also includes a checklist of the standards for each grade, that you can keep in a binder or folder and use throughout the year to make sure you cover everything!

This is all available on at my TPT store: I Can Statements

I hope these can help in your classroom!

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