Summer 2018

IMG_1274This summer has been a crazy one so far. I can’t believe it is coming to the last few weeks which basically means that I am going back to get things ready for the new school year. Over the past few months I have learned and experienced so many things that I am excited to take back to my students.  Here is a run down of my crazy summer 2018, with more detailed posts coming shortly:

Summer Reading:

download.jpgI love reading during the summer.  I love reading in general but never seem to have time for it. I like the idea of reading for a few minutes before going to bed each night but afte 1-2 pages I am always fast asleep. So I save up my reading for winter, spring and summer breaks.  I think right now as I write this I am on book 12 or more for the summer. I read fantasy, sci-fy, thrillers, mysteries, and this summer I dove into the world of “teacher” books.

I have read lost of Orff books in the past; Elementaria, Artful Playful Mindful, Goodkin’s ABC, Etc, but this summer I chose to read books that were not music teacher specific. I found and feel in love with Teach Like A Pirate. Yes, that is really the title. If you have not read this book yet, stop reading my blog post and go get it now. I have to stop myself from writing to much more here or else it will come out as a post just about this book, so I’ll write another post about my summer reading. Find my summer reading post here: Summer Reading had me a Blast!

Orff Teacher Education:

For 2 magical weeks in June I traveled to the University of Kentucky to participate inIMG_1358 the amazing teacher education courses there. I took level 3 of the Orff schukwerk teacher education. I was challenged as both a teacher and a musician as you should be in these teacher trainings. I played alto recorder better than I ever had, and will probably play a lot more in my classroom now. Movement class allowed me to express creative thoughts in ways I hadn’t done since stopping dance classes all those years ago. Of course there is way more to all of these stories and some lesson plans to go along with them, so I will probably do a series of posts about  my level 3 experience. Find the first one here: I AM ORFF CERTIFIED!


3 Weeks in Europe:

IMG_14931 week, or 3 books depending on how you calculate time, after finishing my teacher education course my husband and I began our travels around Europe. Our trio took us to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Bonn, Cologne, and then back to Paris. We also had pit stops in NYC and New Jersey on the way to and from respectfully. What a time we had! I loved all the food drinks and things we saw. My favorite part of the trio was getting to tour the studio 49 factory while we were staying in Munich. I got to see where and how they make the beautiful instruments my students use every day. You can read all about that amazing tour and see some photos here: Studio 49 Tour


After getting back from Europe I have 2.5 weeks until school starts which seems crazy since the summer has gone by so fast. I can’t wait to get back into classroom to set up and start planning. I will make sure to write about it and show you some pictures along the way. Make sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook  @malletsandmusic For more daily updates and happenings! Have a fabulous day!


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