Final Star

This is post 5 of the Star Unit Series. This unit has been focusing on how your students can create music through rhythm, movement, and melodies all centered around Stars and Outer Space. The final “star in the constellation” is the group project. This culminating project takes everything the students have worked on over the course of the unit and has them apply it on their own. Check out the Star Unit Resource, available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store: Musical Star Unit

I started by going through the entire project as a whole group during part of a class. I wanted to make sure the students understood how we got to the final product so when it was their turn they were successful. We used the worksheet I created for the group project, and just filled it in on the projector board as we went.

We started by reviewing the form that we have been working on throughout this entire unit, ABA. I then had students help me create a rhythm sentence to place into the A and B sections. Then we practiced clapping and saying the rhythms for the whole song.

For the A section, I wanted students to write their own melodies to be played on the barred instruments. Students went to the barred instruments and “experimented” with the given rhythm using various notes in the pentatonic. Then I had some students share their melodies, and we picked one that everyone would play.

Next I had the students choose an un-pitched percussion (UPP) instrument to play on the B section of the song. Students practiced one group playing the melody and another playing the UPP part.

Finally, we needed to add some movement. We discussed the different movements we had done through the unit. Pathways, shapes, locomotor, stationary, etc. Students chose which movements they wanted to do for the different sections and I wrote them down onto the projected worksheet. We then went through the whole performance with different groups doing the different parts.

The whole song is very short because each section is only 4 beats long. You can adapt it and have students create longer sections if desired. I chose to keep mine short because I was doing this project with 2nd graders and I wanted them to be able to accomplish all of the tasks in 1 class period. Here is an example from one class:

When the students do it in their own groups, I will have them be in groups of 5 or more, that way there are multiple people doing each part. They will have the entire music class (40 mins) to complete this and share it with each other. I have also created a rubric that I can grade them on when they are performing. This is included in the lesson plans available for the Unit. Check out the Star Unit Resource, available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store: Musical Star Unit

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