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In the Hall of the Mountain King

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This is a seasonal favorite in my room for each grade level! Special shout out to Traci Patterson for the body percussion idea I now use with my older kids.

For my little students( 1st/2nd) I love to use the song “In The Hall of the Mountain King” with the story We’re Off To Find The Witches House. ISBN #0142408549

I would suggest listening to the music and practicing reading the book at least once before doing it with your class! I play the music and then begin reading the story. The beginning doesn’t match up exactly with the rhythm but by the time you get to the middle of the book and the piece it is a perfect fit! The ending is also great for the part of the book that says

” There she is, she’s standing there, she’s standing where, she’s standing there!”

It just fits great with the cymbal crashes at the end!

After reading the book we talk about what happened in the music. “It got faster and louder”. I also discuss with my students the different ways the children traveled in the story. We identify the movement words and they demonstrate them for me.

Then we read the story again, but this time the students get to move like the children in the book. At the end the kids have to freeze during the cymbal crashes and then make a “spooky” pose for when they shout Trick or Treat! It is great fun for all!

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