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Children’s Books & Music: Goodnight Moon

I’m starting a blog post series about different lessons to incorporate Children’s Books into the music classroom.  This first lesson comes from the book Goodnight Moon.


Goodnight Moon

With all my book lesson I like to just read the book the first day.  I take the last 5-10 minutes of class and read the book to my students.  I like how it gives them a little taste of what is to come in the next class.  If we have time after reading I might even let them know how we might be using the book in the next few classes to spark even more of their interest.

2018-06-13 03.06.17 pmI have used this book in a couple different ways.  Always starting the same.  I teach the students the Moon chant, even singing it with them.  Then we add some body percussion to some of the key words.  From there I can choose to continue with the singing and body percussion or I can begin to add some rhythm composition.

For the singing, I keep the body percussion the same but the words change with the different verses.  Students learn all 4 verses using the body percussion.  Then we transfer it to instruments and perform the whole song.

2018-06-13 03.06.32 pmRhythm composition uses some of the key words from the book (moon, cow, mittens, etc.) and matches them to different rhythm notes.  Students can create their own rhythm sentences to use.  We perform the song in Rondo form, using the Moon verse of the song we learned as the A section.

This lesson is available on my TPT store, along with my score of the song and the visuals I use for the rhythmic composition.

2018-06-13 03.06.06 pm

Make sure to check out my other Children’s Books music lessons and let me know if you have a favorite book you like to use in your classroom!

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