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Children’s Books & Music: The Very Quiet Cricket


Another one of the books I love to use with my younger students.  This is great when you are introducing or reviewing rest in your classroom, because the cricket is….Quiet!!  Like with a lot of my children’s books I start with just reading the book at the end of class one day.  With The Cricket we also talk about what music note would fit the cricket the best.  This is perfect for when you are just introducing or needing a review of Rest.

2018-06-13 04.25.39 pm

The next day, we add a rest ostinato for the cricket and also  remember what other insects the cricket met in the story.  We then assign a different ostinato to each insect.

2018-06-13 04.25.48 pm

Students then get divided into three groups, each group gets and instrument and a printed version of an ostinato.  Reading through the story again, student groups perform their ostinatos.  Every 3 bugs has the same ostinato so the groups will rotate playing, everyone “plays” the quiet cricket ostinato (use it for the Luna Moth too).

Everyone plays the end cricket ostinato on their respective instruments.  Then you can rotate groups so each student gets to play each ostinato.

This lesson is available on my TPT store, along with powerpoint for teaching, and ostinato cards.

2018-06-13 04.25.24 pm

Make sure to check out my other Children’s Books music lessons and let me know if you have a favorite book you like to use in your classroom!

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