Children’s Books & Music: The Cat with the Cool Shoes

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You all know which cat I’m talking about. The one with the different colored shoes! There are a lot of copyright issues with this book and posting and using it on different sites, so I’m not going to mention it by name, just to stay safe! But, that doesn’t mean I can’t share my lesson plan that goes along with it!

I love this lesson plan to this day, especially because it is the lesson I used during my interview for my current job, and I believe it was one of the reasons I got the job!

This is an easy lesson that you can do when you just need a day to fill, or you’re doing a whole bunch of lessons about books, or even a great idea for a sub lesson. It is that easy and fun! It also can be used by multiple grade levels.

This lesson is based on the original Cat story, the one with the yellow cover. If you would like to purchase it for yourself you can find it on Amazon here: Pete

Here is the basic run down of the lesson:

  • Read through the story
  • Colored Shoes:
    • Have students pick 5 un-pitched percussion instruments to play during the story.  Assign each instrument a different colored shoe. Students will then play these instruments anytime you say that color word.  For example:
    • ” I love my Red Shoes, I love my Red Shoes, I love my Red Shoes, I love my Red Shoes
    • Place those 5 different instruments around the room in a circle.
  • Goodness No!
    • You can use the barred instruments for the “Goodness No!” parts of the story.
    • Students can glissando down the instrument on “Goodness” and then play the Low C on “No!”
    • Add these to the circle as well
  • Performance
    • Assign students an instrument to start with.  Perform story with the instruments. Then rotate to the next set of instruments.  You can continue with this rotation until everyone has had a chance at each instrument.  By the final couple times the students will be singing the whole story with you!

This is great for any music class, and works great for a sub (even and non-music sub!).  Here is the FREE lesson plan so you can use this in your classroom!

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