Children’s Books & Music: Brown Bear

One of my favorite So-Mi beginning lessons uses the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Most of my students have already read this book numerous times before we do it in class, which makes it even more fun!

I start by singing the story to the kids, just putting it into a simple So-Mi melody. At the end of the book I have the students join in with the singing to name all the different animals.

Then we work together, as a whole class, to compose some So-Mi melodies using the animals from the book.  I have manipulatives that I have made for each of the different animals. I placed the pictures higher and lower to help demonstrate the high/low aspect of So and Mi. Each time we do a “song” I do one first and then have the students help me choose them for the next few examples.

The next day we review some together, then the students can work in groups to come up with their own versions. Each group gets a bag of cards that they can use to make their own songs. I float around listening to their singing voices, and assessing what I hear!

If you would like a FREE copy of this lesson plan to use in your classroom, just visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Brown Bear Lesson Plan.

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