Clip Champ… FREE Video Editing

During the Spring of 2020 when we all were scrambling trying to find things to teach and how to teach them remotely, I knew I wanted to make videos for my kids to sing along and learn with.  I didn’t want to have to record in 1 take, but also wanted video editing software that was easy to use and FREE.  That second part is always important when it comes to finding things for teachers!  I googled stuff, tried it out, didn’t like a lot and then found Clip Champ.  It is a FREE video editing app that is easy to use, Win-Win!!  Of course there is a premium version you can upgrade to, but there are enough things in the Free version for me that I do not need any upgrades.

It is really simple to use!!  Here is some basics:

First of all here is the app website:  Clip Champ

You can sign up and link your google drive so you can easily use videos you may already have made.  The click on “Create Video”.

I always pick the “widescreen” option for creating my videos because I upload them to Youtube for my kids, but you do whatever works for you!

Then it’s time to upload some media into your project.  You can upload directly from Google Drive or Dropbox if you have recordings or images you want to use.

You can also use their Stock options, there are both free and paid for images, sounds, and gifs.

After adding your media, then it’s time to drag it into place and start editing.  You can split videos and audio tracks just like in iMovie, which is super easy and nice.  There are also options for different backgrounds, overlays, and text but I tend to keep it really simple for my kids and for me.  When you’re video is ready to go just click on Export and it will download the video in .mp4 format.  You can also link your YouTube account and have it load directly to there as well.  Here is a quick video of me going through the basics if you want to see how I do it:

ClipChamp How To

Of course, not everything is perfect or works 100% of the time and it does take a while to load and export.  But, when it’s free and easy to use I rarely complain.  I choose to make all my videos for these on Screencastify.  It’s a Google Chrome extension that saves video directly to your Google Drive.  I would definitely recommend trying that out as well.  That way you can easily upload those videos from your Drive into Clip Champ and you are ready to start editing.  

Good luck and let me know if you have questions or need help!

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