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Aretha Franklin

Introducing various musicians to my students is always a fun process. They have probably heard “older” songs before but they don’t know what kind of music it is or even who is performing. I want to give my students a bigger understanding of the world and introduce them to music they might not always listen to. Enter Aretha Franklin!

I have been slowly collecting the book series “Little People, Big Dreams”. They have numerous books on various artists and musicians. The stories are written in a way that is appealing to students without being too “baby-ish” or having too much text.

I started my lesson on Aretha reading the book. We talked about her career, soul music, and other musicians that she influenced. Then we got to dance! What better way to really get to know an artist than to use their music in your classroom and have fun! I taught my students a rhythm stick routine to Aretha’s song RESPECT. It has been so fun to dance along with her voice and my students have been loving it. If you would like to use the dance in your classroom…PLEASE DO!! Here is a list of the dance sequence, a video of me doing it, and then a link to the recording I used. Enjoy!

Respect Version for Music

Printable Dance Sequence

Dance Notes: We do this in a circle. When we get to the “RESPECT” part we “pass” the pointing around the circle. One student, or the teacher, starts point to the person next to them and they that person passes it on. When it gets back to the beginning we reverse and go the other way. You can also do it standing alone like in my video.

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