This month we started talking about High, Middle, and Low sounds in first grade.  I always find this is a hard concept for them to learn because they connect loud with high and soft with low.  To counteract this I like to use the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  The students have heard… Continue reading High/Middle/Low

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Falling Leaves

I love fall!!!! The changing colors, the cool crisp air, snuggling up on a cold night.  I also love all the music that I can do when it comes to fall.  I am making this post in 2 parts so that it doesn't get too long. 1st Grade This first song I used with my… Continue reading Falling Leaves

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Ducks in the Pond

Springtime is drawing closer and so is the end of the school year!  I can't believe it has gone by so quickly.  I love springtime and all the wonderful things it brings outside.  I love gardening and going everywhere outside with my dogs.  There is a hiking park by my house that we love to… Continue reading Ducks in the Pond

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Ickle Ockle…Fishy Rhythms

I love doing things with Fish in my classroom.  I know it's a little strange but they can be used in lots of different songs and they are a year-round character.  I don't have to wait till Christmas/Valentine's Day/Spring to use Fish!  I have a couple different lessons and ideas using Fish, this one uses… Continue reading Ickle Ockle…Fishy Rhythms