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Raining All Day Long

There has been so much rain recently.  I know it's spring but I don't think the flowers, grass and trees need this much to drink!  Oh Rain please go away! Rain, rain go away. This classic children's song can be used for so many things.  From So/Mi to recorder playing, to whatever your imagination thinks… Continue reading Raining All Day Long

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Falling Leaves

I love fall!!!! The changing colors, the cool crisp air, snuggling up on a cold night.  I also love all the music that I can do when it comes to fall.  I am making this post in 2 parts so that it doesn't get too long. 1st Grade This first song I used with my… Continue reading Falling Leaves

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Sea of Songs

I know concert planning can be a struggle.  I use to always dread it, thinking about all the curriculum time I was giving up.  I know that I was covering important topics and some curriculum, but not in the way I did the rest of the year.  Then a couple years ago I began to… Continue reading Sea of Songs

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As an Orff Schulwerk teacher I try and utilize the Music for Children Volumes in my classroom as much as I can.  All of these pieces and melodies work great for young students.  When working with the Volumes, I try and be creative in the lyrics and process I write for my students.  It also… Continue reading Snowflakes

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Let Us Chase the Squirrel

Fall is here!  I love fall weather and all things fall.  Except for Pumpkin, I'm one of those few Americans who doesn't like the flavor of pumpkin.  But give me some apples and I will go crazy! I love doing songs that can be used multiple years with the idea of spiraling the curriculum.  One… Continue reading Let Us Chase the Squirrel